About me

First and foremost, I'm a filmmaker with midwestern roots and a wild backstory that leads up to my filmmaking aspirations...but, we can save that conversation for another time.


Filmmaking is an immersive art form and the more engaged the audience is, the more successful the film will be. I write, direct, produce, and edit films with the undeniable intention of putting viewers right in the middle of the story, so to speak. 


With that in mind, my specialty is long-takes with a focus on mise en scène. I tend to have a blend of montage when the story calls for it. Although I expect for a certain level of adaptability depending on the needs of the story, overall, my goal is to immerse the audience by creating a vivid world full of color and genuine moments they can relate to, regardless of the genre.

I always push the boundaries of filmmaking and I strive to find innovative ways to do things. I’m driven to make a difference, and to inspire others to make the most of their short time on this earth—to be fearless and always do better—to look further than what’s in front of them. I strive for perfection in my work and I hope to lead by example. 

That day will be glorious when we have the opportunity to collaborate and see each other on set. 

I look forward to it.


Thank you for your time, cheers!

© 2019 by Bradley J. Lincoln

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